it’s Friday *sung through the nose*

I really feel like the crummy weather is following us around North America. Although I would like to point out that I enjoyed a few days of warm sunshine before Brian graced us with his presence here in NC. So perhaps it’s not my fault that it’s cold and rainy… πŸ˜‰

Lots of people have been asking what we will miss about Canada when we move. …I think my answer changes based on my mood. Right now, I’m going to miss my grocery stores and neighborhood and knowing where to find everything that I need. But I suppose that feeling will return after a while in our new home.

Speaking of which, we have found a place to live! We will be in an awesome neighborhood and even in the same development as friends of ours! πŸ™‚ And Lola is allowed. You would be surprised how many places don’t allow rabbits. But most of the places we looked (and we looked at A LOT) hardly consider rabbits pets.

Funny story. On the first day in our new city, we Googled lots of apartment complexes and mapped out about 10 different locations. On the second day we thought we knew the general area and even the specific development that we wanted, but we kept looking, just driving around and stopping wherever we could. Little did we know when we pulled into the 5th place that it was a retirement village. The 10 mph speed limit and the nurse helping a lady through the front doors with her walker tipped us off. πŸ˜‰ No wonder my mom’s Buick LeSabre got us a couple of waves from some crazy old men.

Not cool.

Really not cool.


2 thoughts on “it’s Friday *sung through the nose*

  1. Dude. “Crummy” is totally a Canadian thing to say. We’re going to have to brush up on your North Carolinian before you move back South. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait! PS I was visiting with my mom and brother yesterday and saw you running down the road. I waved, but I don’t think you saw me. I loved being able to see you running down the road.

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