sorry world

I am a horrible blogger. I apologize, people. My lack of blogging has not been due to a lack of stuff to blog about. Nor even a lack of desire. I’ll attribute it mostly to a lack of time. This time of year is always super busy for us. We are almost a week into our first of two 3-week trips this summer. And then we pack up our house and move. I am doing my best to stay mentally grounded and emotionally open (as opposed to being like a pop bottle that someone is shaking and will eventually have to open…).

I am currently laying on a sofa bed in our friends’ basement in Ottawa, our bedroom for the week. We are here because National Training Camp is taking place at the Univeristy of Ottawa.

I also apologize to those who have joined us in Ottawa since Sunday. It appears that we have brought the crummy Vancouver rain with us. When we checked the weather as I was packing last week we saw sunshine and warm temps. But they were wrong. In all honesty, I am not exaggerating when I say there has only been one day in the last 7 months that I did not need a jacket and/or rubber boots. :-/ I even prayed that Jesus would make me regret my decision to leave my sunglasses behind today. He did not see fit to answer that prayer. 😉

I cannot wait to be in weather so hot and humid that my hair frizzes and my eyelids sweat.

But like I said, I am doing my best to take every thought captive and stay mentally grounded. The fact that I have to travel by myself for a few days and am not currently freaking out is a huge testimony to God’s work in my life. I feel like a weenie, especially now that I’ve admitted it to all of the internets (inside joke… yes I meant to pluralize that). I have chosen to leave NTC early and fly to NC so that I can be in a friend’s wedding. This is big stuff, guys. Huge. And I want to do it with a smile on my face.

Anyway. It’s 9:30 and I’m pooped. (A phrase I taught my Argentine friend last night on skype. I suppose she hadn’t heard that word in reference to anything outside the toilet.) And you’re probably tired of trying to follow my stream of consciousness. Heard any good jokes lately?

No? No good jokes? Becca is not impressed.


2 thoughts on “sorry world

  1. Did you recently make the change from blogger to wordpress and if so why? I am new to blogging and have recently joined blogger but to be honest, don’t quite know what I’m doing yet. Any help would be great, thanks and have fun traveling.

    • hi jim, i moved over from blogger a while ago. i felt like blogger was 2-dimensional in a 3-dimensional world. wordpress made the move super easy. but it was just my personal preferences for layout and design as well as the available widgets.

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