re: wish list

JACK POT! I get to mark something off of my wish list! A while ago, I started my wish list with this little number. Well, on February 14th, Brian decided to be awesome and buy me a Valentines present even though I didn’t get him anything. He wouldn’t tell me what it was, only that it was going to be a few weeks before it got here. Time passed. I forgot that he ordered a present. Then on Monday as we were checking the mail, I saw a package in our little cubby (apparently the system here is called a Community Mail Box). Brian looked at it, confusion crossed his face, I squeezed the package [TWSS] to check out its contents, and then he jerked it away from me! He remembered what it was and said I couldn’t look at it. Then I remembered that he owed me a present, started squealing, squeezing his face, and just making a scene. I ran inside, opened it, and this is what I found:

This little guy was in the package too. I have a feeling it would be super fun to work at photojojo.

Also, while shopping at the farm market on Sunday, Brian picked me up a lovely bunch of gerbera daisies that brighten up our dungeon basement. 🙂


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