happy (belated) v-day

Actually, I hate calling it v-day. It’s too militaristic. Happy (Belated) Valentines day! We didn’t plan anything special, although I was surprised with some LOVELY pink gerbera daisies 🙂 Then, shortly after that surprise, we were surprised with some cupcakes from our neighbors/landlords/really cute little girls.

You might be thinking, “Shouldn’t there be another chocolate cupcake so they can both have one of each?” Well, one of the chocolates got snagged before the plate even made it through our door. I asked little Rebecca (I’m Miss or Mrs. (depending on their mood) Rebecca) which one was best. She said the one with the gummy bears.

I have a feeling she decorated the white ones. And they were quite good.
They were so good in fact that I was inspired to make some treats too! So after reading KERF’s post from Monday morning, I decided to make some chocolates, too. And, yes, I took pictures. 🙂 I’ll post them here in a bit.


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