chocolate treats

So for Valentines day we decided to make ourselves some dark chocolate treats. Now, I usually crave salty/crunchy things rather than sweets, but on Monday I was like Pavlov’s dogs when I read this post on KERF. So B-Money and I picked up some dark chocolate squares from the store on our way home from the gym (we went to the gym together, since it was a romantic day… usually I go to a women’s gym) and let our creative juices flow as we tried to narrow down the flavor/filling combos we wanted to try.

After dinner (which was this amazing chicken parmesan) we got some chocolates melting in a double boiler. I haven’t melted chocolate the “proper” way in a long time.

Mmm… it smelled so good.

While the chocolate melted we gathered our fillings… I ended up ditching the almond butter since we decided to fill some with actual almonds.

Here we have some chopped almonds, peanuts, and ground sea salt. I actually really like salt and chocolate. Call me weird if you must. But don’t say it’s gross until you’ve tried it.

We started out trying to fill the little trays using a funnel, plugging it between candies to prevent making a big mess. However, the chocolate was too hot to plug using a finger and we didn’t feel like messing around with it any more. So Brian worked his magic of doing things without spilling and voila! Yummy chocolate in the wrappers with out too much mess!

I did my best to build a “wall” of chocolate so our fillings wouldn’t ooze out the sides after un-wrapping. I just shook and tapped it around forcing the chocolate up the sides, but not over the tops of the wrappers. Not perfect, but it’ll do pig. [Anna, do you like my nizzails?]

Lola could smell that we were up to something.

So naturally we said hello. How could you NOT LOVE HER!? Sometimes I just want to SQUEEZE her! But I don’t.

Before the chocolate set too much, we sprinkled in some fillings. Then we popped them into the fridge to let the chocolate set up all the way.

Then we drizzled on some more chocolate, making sure we paid attention to the fillings. We topped each treat with a little something so we would know what we had in the middle.

You can see we have almonds, peanuts, sea salt (I left them with only one layer of chocolate, so they came out like bowls), caramel with sea salt, and peanut butter. The peanut butter are the ones with kind of lumpy tops, sans topping. They are quite rich. I can only eat one at a time. (I know someone else who can eat more at a time but chooses to show self control… I think I am a silent convict-er, if you will. I don’t say anything, but my lack of joining in puts a damper on the ‘party.’ It’s the same way when he orders a coke. I don’t mean to be, I just don’t enjoy too much of it.) I think next time I would use a different kind of chocolate. I used a baking chocolate, probably should have used a candy chocolate, or a melting chocolate.


Actually, these guys were so rich that I needed a little sip of milk straight from the bottle. And I hate milk.

You can almost make out the pretty pink daisies on the window sill to the right of the bottle. And a very blurry, very big map to the left. And yes, we have Christmas lights up. They will be up as long as we live in a basement! ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “chocolate treats

  1. A) Why, yes. Yes, i do love your nizzails.
    B) You should squeeze Lola. I squeeze Tiki…err…I mean…Nala. Nathan renamed her. It seems to be the trend in the church family. Maybe we should rename Buddy and he will behave?
    C) I heard glass-bottled-milk expires much quicker than the more commonly packaged plastic bottles. Is it true?
    D) No to daisies, no to big map, but yes to christmas lights. They are lovely.

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