wish list

check out these sweet kicks i designed. def adding them to my wish list. (you can customize some too!)

I customized them with ’10:5′ because 2 Corinthians 10:5 has been a motivational verse for me lately.Ā  As I run, I try to take my thoughts captive… and ignore the pain. šŸ˜‰ Just kidding. But seriously. I’ve been noticing such awesome parallels in my life to my walk with Jesus lately. Take running, for instance. (I’m not a runner by nature, but by choice.) You start out feeling okay, not super good but not terrible. Then about a mile in, you hit this wall. Your legs feel heavy. Your side hurts. You can’t seem to slow your breathing. But if you stick it out, right before you feel like you’re going to fall on your face, suddenly the wall vanishes and you’re cruising. But if you never push through that wall, you’re always going to fail. It’s the same in life. We go through hard times, facing trials and dealing with crap. It feels like you’ve hit a wall emotionally, mentally, spiritually, maybe even physically. But then, in those moments of pain, you persevere and lean on God. You trust Jesus to give you the strength just to lift your leg so you can take a step. And all of a sudden the crap seems to melt away. Jesus gives you victory! The devil tries to defeat you with your crap. But you can choose to take joy in the crap and persevere. And Jesus actually does make all things work together for good. Somehow.


I was pondering this cycle as I thought about the seasons changing, spring coming, new life being brought to the earth… Such thoughts are too deep for me. šŸ˜‰


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