Apps I didn’t know I needed

So I got a new phone recently, the HTC Desire tbe.  It’s pretty awesome.  (You can click the link to learn more if you so desire.)  I like it a lot, especially because of all the apps that are available in the Android market.  I haven’t had it for a week yet, I’m sure I’ll learn more things that I like about it.

Here are some apps I didn’t know I needed:

Google Goggles

You search the web by taking a picture!


PicSay Pro

Edit photos right on your phone before you upload them to the interwebs.


Angry Birds

A wonderful way to pass the time. Get those pigs!


And, saving the best for last…


Listening to a song and don't know the title? SoundHound does! Have a song in your head and can't remember the next line? Sing it for SoundHound and he'll fetch the lyrics!!!


Probably more apps to come!

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