Christmas part II

Well, along with the rest of the world, I’m attempting permanently modify my behavior in some way since it is the beginning of a new year.  A tabula rasa you could say.  (I.e. “a clean slate” for those of you who weren’t classically trained in the fine language of Latin.)  Actually, Tabula Rasa was the title of the episode of Lost wherein Jack and Hurley discover an alarming secret about Kate and a whole lot of other crap is going on.

I miss them. Especially Mr. Eko and Charlie.


But I digress.


I do want to blog more, not only for your entertainment, but for my own preservation of memories.  But I feel that it’s a little far fetched for me to attempt to blog every day.  Although, I did just discover that WordPress allows you to time travel and post in the future.  Nah, still too much effort.


Man I get distracted easily.


Today kind of felt like Christmas.  We still have our Christmas lights up in here (that old rap song is now going through my mind, yall gon make me loose my mind, up in here, up in here…), I’m still figuring out my new toy (my new compy), we received our new cell phones (another toy that I am also trying to figure out…), and it’s supposed to snow.   But I had to be a responsible adult and not play all day because there was laundry to be done, meals to be made, and dishes to be put away.  Not to mention packing for another trip that we leave on tomorrow.  Thankfully there are no airplanes involved, but somebody still has to pack the bags.


Actually, cute story, while we were packing in the bedroom we couldn’t leave Lola to her own devices in the den so I brought her back and put her on the bed.  Normally she explores and checks everything out over and over again until I’m done and bring her back out to the den, going as close to the edge as she dares without falling off.  But tonight she found a corner of the bed where I hadn’t completely made it up so the fleece blanket was showing.  She sniffed around for a minute or two and then stretched out and pressed herself down into the comfy material.  It was so cute.  She was relaxed but still breathing so fast.  We decided to reward her with a treat (she knows that word as well as the sound the ziploc bag makes) of a raisin and she munched on them while still reclining.  Eek!  I wanted to squeeze her.  But I didn’t.

This is what she looked like. But not quite so sassy.


So, all that to say, you probably won’t hear from me for several days as we will be at AIA training days in the Wack.  Over our Anniversary.  But I won’t get started on that…

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