oh dang

i haven’t posted about all my jb hits lately, but it’s not for lack of smacks.  seriously.  biggest out of nowhere hit: minding my own business walking through walmart, look up and see a girl scanning something in one of those price scanners by the toothbrush aisle, and what flashes across the screen but “JUSTIN BIEBER”.  that’s all it said.  it could’ve said “NOVELTY POSTER” or “TWEEN PROPAGANDA”.  but no.  what’s his deal?  why won’t he cut his hair?  or wear a belt?  how many hoodies does he own?  what the heck did he fill that book with?  i would hollow it out and keep a gun in it.  a robber would never look there.


today’s hit: etalk announced something about him being in europe.  why do i watch the trashy entertainment shows?  i deserve a jb hit for watching them.


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