i’m alive, don’t worry

These past 10 days or so have been quite busy and I’ve found myself doing other things besides blogging with my computer time.

Don’t worry, there have been plenty of JB hits… too many to count while he was in town performing.  One of them included a spot on the news where the anchor made me think he was going to be arrested by showing a clip of him in the jail garb from his acting debut on CSI (that’s strike 2, CSI. strike 1 was getting rid of Grissom) and telling a dramatic story of him hitting another kid while playing laser tag… my heart jumped a little, then crash landed in the murky waters of reality — he is still a free man tween person.

The majority of my computer time has been spent working with Brian to set up an Etsy shop for me!  😀  You can check it out here:


It’s a lot of work figuring it all out, but it’s a lot of fun too.  I also sold my first print last week!  A nice lady from CA ordered a print of Lola in the snow. 🙂

On Monday I went to Bellingham, WA with my friend Becky to go grocery shopping!  I was SO excited!  Why would we drive across international borders just to go grocery shopping?  My answer is three fold.  One, COST.  Food prices here in BC are absolutely ridiculous.  Exorbitant.  Strangling at times.  We cannot afford OJ (I miss Simply Orange so much), ice cream (would you pay $7 or $8 for a half gallon?), cereal (a family size box averages around $7), and other such staples on a regular basis.  Two, TRADER JOE’S!  We eat quite healthy, if I do say so myself, but we can’t afford to go completely organic.  There are Whole Foods around Vancouver, but again, the prices are just way too high for it to be a regular occurrence.  But Trader Joe’s is an awesome combination of natural foods and great prices!  The whole store feels like a place where healthy surfers would shop.  I thought about making some comment about how there’s another man in my life, but “we” decided that was no good.  But you get the picture.  I really like Trader Joe’s.  The store.  Three, CHEESE.  OMG!  The cheese!  I bought a big brick of medium sharp cheddar for about $5 USD (the Canadian dollar is practically par nowadays) and that same size hunk would have been triple the cost here and one third of the flavor.  Mmm.  I also bought some slices of colby jack and MAN OH MAN did I have a KILLER grilled cheese sandwich on Tuesday!

I spent about $100 on all of  this:

There are a couple of rows of Almond milk and soups... 😉

I don’t think $100 here would have even bought half of this.  I was so excited!

This goes well in smoothies and oatmeal.


YUMMMMMMM! We are a dark chocolate kind of family and this assortment of dark chocolate goodies are amazing.

straight up

that's right.

these pictures of food are for you, anna. you're welcome.

Welp, I think you’re all caught up!


4 thoughts on “i’m alive, don’t worry

  1. One thing I was amazed by in Florida was how CHEAP food was! Cheese IS ridiculously expensive here. Also, I drink that almond milk alternative beverage too! Yummy.

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