the only time it’s okay to eat a bunny

is if it’s coated in powdered cheese. 🙂

We’ve been eating so healthy lately, we decided to give into our craving for macaroni and cheese from a box.   We did go the ‘healthier’ route with Annie’s organic bunny shaped macaroni.

Along with some grilled asparagus, home made juicy burgers, fresh whole wheat buns from Cobs, and some kale chips, it ended up a very delicious dish.  If I do say so myself.

These were quite spicy.  I added garlic salt and chili flakes (a bit too much in hindsight) and served it with some sweet chili sauce for dipping.  My mouth was on FIRE!

In case you couldn’t see the bunny shapes in the cooked pasta above, here they are.  So super cute!  And I love that Annie’s has a wee bunny on each of her products.  They are all bunny approved!

These dishes were all approved by Lola.  But she wants you to know, she’s watching you and can reach your jugular in one hop.


2 thoughts on “the only time it’s okay to eat a bunny

  1. I just want you to know that I hate sweet chili sauce.

    Do you remember the time I almost died whilst taking my finals & hosting a foreign guest? I ate something from my refrigerator that had expired 5 months prior to the eating. That’s right. Sweet chili sauce nearly killed me.

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