baby hats

I love making things with my hands and being creative in general.  A few weeks ago I crocheted some baby hats for my friends’ kids and hopefully they have received them by now.   I didn’t want to post them here in case they happened to check my blog before receiving them.  Here is the hat for baby Rush.  He’ll be born to my friends Kate and Billy in December.

IMG_0002 IMG_0006

They are Carolina fans so naturally they wanted Carolina blue for their little boy.  He’ll be tarheel born, tarheel bred, and when he dies he’ll be tarheel dead.  Just like me. 😉

IMG_0008It may look a little misshapen here, but once there is a little baby head in it, it’ll look just right.  I had so much fun making this hat, especially the pom on top.  I used Lion Brand Yarn’s Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in Blueberry and Almond.


Since I had quite a bit of the Organic Cotton Almond leftover, I decided to make a hat for Bailey, my best friend’s little girl who will be two soon!!! So hard to believe!  (If you’re a “friend” or “family” of mine on Flickr, I’m sure you’ve seen tons of pictures of her.)

IMG_0012 IMG_0022

Isn’t this so cute!?  I’ve seen lots of monkey and bear hats around and decided to give it a try.


I decided to add a wee flower just to give it a girly touch.  The flower is made from the same Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn that I made her blanket out of.

I think the thing I like about hats (and granny-square blankets) is that they are typically a one-sitting project.  I can finish the hat/square in about an hour and voila!  Done!  I’m in the beginning stages of a blanket that I’m making out of scraps… working in long rows as opposed to smaller squares.  So we’ll see how long it takes me to finish.


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