the Mondays {from Brian}

(twice in less than 7 days! 🙂 )

Monday mornings can be tough, so a good laugh at someone else’s expense always helps…


3 thoughts on “the Mondays {from Brian}

  1. hahahahaha!!!!! That girl got ROCKED!!! (Canadianese translation: That female got smashed in the face very violently with a large melon. Bet that hurt, eh?).

    Kind of reminiscent of games I would convince Fowler and Palmer to do in college, huh? I mean… eh? This one, though, would probably have been the three of us talking Big Nick into shooting the watermelons at Jason in the armor suit… but only after we would have rigged it to shoot backwards.

    Good times.


    • Haha, yeah, I like to think that would be big Nick and I would not be getting hit in the face with the melon. Well, I have another video for you Packy, I’ll put it up tomorrow…let’s just say it involves a sword!

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