poke out my eyes

and stick a letter opener in my ears.


I can’t go a stinken day without hearing or seeing wee Justin Bieber.  :-/ I’ve been wondering if other people feel this way.  I’ve been thinking about making a hit list and chart my daily inundations of JB.  (I’ve made mental notes all week because I’m truly astonished by his seemingly ubiquitous presence.)


Hit list this week:

  • Saturday: (shortly after my 5 minute rant about how I can’t escape the Beeb) Brian pointed at a JB poster as we walked into WalMart.  So naturally I punched him really hard in the butt.
  • Sunday: don’t remember
  • Monday: heard him on the radio in the grocery store (couldn’t escape)
  • Tuesday: somehow on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  I remember thinking, “Darn you Ellen!  I can’t stay mad at you!”
  • Wednesday: Can’t remember, but I know it happened
  • Thursday: someone I follow on twitter tweeted about him
  • Today:  singing happy birthday on the American Cancer society bday commercial (I’d much rather hear Jack Johnson or even Keith Urban).  (I may or may not have ‘screamed’ when I saw the commercial as the realization hit me that I almost made it all day without a JB hit.  And I may or may not have but definitely did get in trouble with my husband for the loudness.)
  • Today part II: reading Beth’s blog!!!  Thanks BETH!

3 thoughts on “poke out my eyes

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