lava and chocolate

The other day we had a ridiculous amount of vegetables.  Spinach in our smoothies with breakfast.  Left over squash, green beans, peppers, and snow peas with lunch.  Zucchini, tomatoes, and corn for dinner.  And then I decided to juice some carrots and apples.  I don’t even know what our veggie servings count was at that day!  So naturally we had to have a killer dessert.  No, not the carrot muffies.  After we drank what had to be our 15th serving of vegetables, we enjoyed ourselves some molten dark chocolate lava cakes. 🙂


I think we deserved it.  We added some fruit and dairy to make sure it was a well rounded dessert.  Don’t worry.


I can still kind of smell them.

this one doesn't even need a caption. but maybe you should wipe the drool off of your keyboard.

I couldn’t finish mine.  Luckily I married the human garbage disposal (or garburator if you’re Canadien).  Would you like the recipe? 🙂

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