Underdog the Wonder Dog

So yesterday I took our landlord’s dog, Shoeshine, for a walk (named for the beloved Underdog cartoon).  Shoey (as his affectionately called) is quiet and well-behaved and I enjoy walking him.  Plus, it makes me happy to see him so happy to be taken out.  Well, just as we reached the sidewalk an iffy-looking car with shiny rims, dark windows, and two suspicious looking dudes in the front drove by slowly.  I pretended not to notice as they made their way down the street to my left, out of our neighborhood.  I turned to the right and remarked to Shoey, “At least they’re leaving…”  But, lo and behold, as soon as I reached the end of the street, there they come again, back in our neighborhood, driving all slow and looking all gangsterly (a la this entry).


Have you ever had the uh-oh feeling?  I had it just then.  I didn’t want to be outside without my kevlar but I was committed to this walk with Shoey and he hadn’t done his business yet.  So, I decided to walk quickly for a few blocks until I reached the major road where there is always traffic.  We kept walking, past construction sites, past a few little shops, headed toward a park where there is a nice path around a pond that is right next to the busy road.  Then I see a helicopter circling.  Not just flying by, circling something.  If I’ve learned anything living in Surrey, it’s don’t leave anything in your car (did I tell you our car got broken into last week? They were professionals …another story for another time.) and if you hear a helicopter for more than a few seconds, something’s going down.


Not to worry, I told myself, I’m out in the open.  They don’t have a beef with me and I don’t have a beef with them (unless they’re the butt holes that broke into my car) so let’s just get on with our day.  As we round the pond and begin to make our way back to the house, a bird of prey flew by screeching.  That has to be some kind of omen.  I looked at Shoey and said, “I hope you’re done because we need to get inside.”


We’re walking back up the hill, heading toward our house, round the corner and cross another pretty busy street, and here come two black unmarked cop cars.  Not just the regular town cars, but the fast Dodge Charger types that FBI agents always drive on tv.  That was the last straw.  I stared them down, wondering where the heck they were 30 minutes ago when the hooligans were creeping through my neighborhood.  (Or a week ago when they were going through my car… I hope they were grossed out by the tampon that I keep in the center console.  I know they saw it because that’s where they found the faceplate to the stereo!)


Unfortunately, I don’t know how that story ends because I haven’t heard any news reports about shenanigans in my hood.  But I thought I would share.


4 thoughts on “Underdog the Wonder Dog

    • oh, i’m safe. it’s the gangstas who aren’t. 😉
      i gotta be honest though, i was like, michelle tompkins? who’s michelle tompk… oh duh! 😉

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