Over the last few months year (holy cow, it’s been a year!), Brian and I have been working hard at watching what we eat, wanting to make lifestyle changes and just be healthier and more balanced over all.  It’s taken time learning what changes we can make, things to add or drop from our weekly menus and schedules.  One of my favorite places to find information has been searching the internet for health food blogs.  My current favorite is Kath Eats Real Food, or KERF.  She has a whole long page dedicated to oatmeal.  I’m not a big oatmeal fan as I don’t like feeling like I’m in a concentration camp being fed gruel.  But I decided to give her method a try and have loved it.  She pretty much takes everything she likes (within reason) and puts it into a bowl together.  Almond butter, coconut butter, bananas, granola, nuts, seeds, etc.


Inspired by KERF but not feeling the oatmeal this afternoon, here’s what I made for a snack today:

I wanted something crunchy and filling.  And I wanted to try my almond butter on something other than oatmeal.  So I just chopped up a banana, added a dollop of almond butter, and sprinkled on some granola.  Mmm.  Yum.


Also, my new favorite discovery:

Such a simple thing!  I’m sure you’ve had them all your lives, but they’re making my life much better.  I came back from being on vacation for a few weeks and all of my crackers and cereal were stale.   I think it’s because the air seems to have a lot more moisture in it here… not humid per se, just wetter.  But I digress.  I love these clips.  They’re super cheap and you can find them at my favorite store. 🙂


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