when do i want mc donalds?

Usually I only look forward to McDonalds when we’re in a foreign country and want some American food. Well, we’re not quite in a foreign country, but we’re definitely out in the country. I want McDonalds today because it is the only wi-fi hotspot in a 30 mile radius from my grandma’s house.

In the early morning hours yesterday my maternal grandfather passed away. It was definitely expected, actually way past his expiration date. But he was spunky like that. He lived to a ripe old age eating his favorite meals including lots of bacon and good meat. We always had Diet Mountain Dew waiting for him when they would come visit. When we were out here visiting he would always let us ride on his lap and drive the riding lawn mower. I actually only have good memories of my grandfather. He and my grandma love each other so much. I think he held on for so long because he didn’t want to leave her.

Praise be to God, there is not too much sadness over his passing. Of course we love him and miss him already, but he isn’t suffering anymore and we know where he is. He is the first of my grandparents to pass. I always wondered what it would feel like. And I am so thankful that it has been completely different from my expectations. Their house is peaceful (and food-full), spirits are hopeful, there is relief that he is in the arms of Jesus.

God is good.
All the time.


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