Do you ever find yourself dreaming in another language? They say that is a sign that you are close to mastery. Sometimes you know what you’re saying in your dreamland, but in waking land it was just gibberish. I’m finding myself in the in-between land where I can’t seem to remember how to spell basic words in English, a language in which I would say I am proficient. Spelling was never my favourite subject in elementary school, but I was decent at it. Ah! There’s an example. Favourite. It looks right but as I typed it my fingers hesitated and my brain skipped like a scratched record. I have seen it spelled that way so often, but have never written it that way before. But something inside me wanted to. It looks natural but doesn’t quite feel natural. It’s the clash of two worlds inside of me. Letters are battling, fighting for their silent position — U next to O or S instead of Z (pronounced zed). Canada versus America. Culturally so close, but so far. To my American friends, I’m not trying to be arsty fartsy or snooty when I spell thing the British way. And to my Canadian friends, well, you are winning more and more of my brain power. I’m sorry. 😉


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