vitamin C

I have learned to be okay with bruises.  I have lived my life having sensitive capillaries and thus I bruise like a peach.  And let me tell you, I worked at Mother Nature’s Produce for a few years so I know how easily peaches bruise.  Do us all a favor and don’t squeeze peaches to check for ripeness (or just for fun either).  Your thumbprints in the afternoon will be brown spots by morning.  But I digress.

I am used to spotting new bruises in peculiar places and wondering how they got there.  I don’t care too much, just curious.  Well, I learned today that simply upping your daily dose of vitamin C will help clear up bruises!  If only I’d known that the week before I was to be a junior marshal at graduation and had to wear a white sleeveless dress showing everyone my biceps where my friend gave me killer bees (pinching the back of your arm… they’re killer).

But now I know and you do too!  I like taking vitamin C because the chewables taste like candy.  B-50, however, smells like dog food and makes your urine high-liter yellow.  Which is cool, if you’re into that sort of thing.  We take lots of vitamins (I take lots more; all are doctor recommended) and we realized a month or so ago we have gone this whole winter and spring without even a hint of a cold or flu!  If you’ve never taken vitamins but tend to get the seasonal colds, try adding vitamins C and D to your diet.  One each with breakfast and lunch.  I think you’ll thank me later if you do. 🙂


3 thoughts on “vitamin C

  1. Becca! This was great. You should see the bruise on my upper shin right now. All the great colors: green, purple, yellow. It covers about the circumference of a bagel. I can’t wait to go train and have someone kick it again!

    • Yeah, if a peach smells like a peach, has a nice darker side (not yellow all the way around), and isn’t green anywhere, it’s ready to be eaten! 🙂 or if it let’s go of the tree easily.

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