In an effort to keep up with what is going on in the US and other parts of the world,  Brian and I often check CNN.com for news.  Shortly after the earthquake initially hit Haiti while checking out stories on CNN, Brian found a link to a news group at VBS.tv.  The article was titled “World War III in Liberia.”

We soon found ourselves drawn away from the chaos in Haiti and into the chaos in Liberia.  VBS is a group from NY (I believe) who shares the news with no spin at all.  According to them, they have been “blowing the ass off the rest of the internet since last decade.”  They simply take a camera and get the news then share it with you.  With very little censoring.  And while I don’t appreciate some of the ads on their site, I am so intrigued by their documentaries.  Brian and I have watched nearly all of their “Vice Guide to Libera.”  Seriously heavy stuff.  You can find episode one of eight here.  It’s real.  It’s heavy.  It makes me thankful.

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