the question

I’ve been mulling over this stuff for a while, so here it is.

Lately I’ve been making changes in my life in an effort to be healthier.  I want to make it for the long haul.  My husband has been very gracious and has come alongside me as I try new recipes, new exercises, and new ventures in life.  Diet and exercise are relatively easy things to change and experiment with; we have control over them every day.  However, it’s not so easy to change the course of the path that your life is on.  This is where I find myself.  I cannot keep going along this path and remain alive!  (Okay, a little dramatic, but you’ll understand if you keep reading.)  I have found myself in a worn-down state despite my healthy diet, exercise, and sufficient sleep.  I realized this past weekend that I have been living in stress mode since before I did summer-school… summer of 2005.  I crammed a whole semester into 2 months and made my choice to speed through college so I could get married and be with the man I love. 🙂  No regrets there.  But I do wish I’d had someone looking out for me, helping me see the bigger picture in life.  I didn’t realize how much of a toll stress takes on a person’s body.  And not just in the way that makes you reach for the Pepto.

As I’ve spent time praying over the last month or so, I really feel God telling me it’s okay to take time to rest and get healthy.  So that’s what I’m doing.  It was actually quite an emotional experience for me to get the paperwork done, but I have officially pulled back my hours at work and am only in the office 2 days a week.  I’m spending time focusing on good health.  For me, that includes resting, reading, going to the gym, cleaning the kitchen (especially the sink), cooking good, whole food in said kitchen and, for a while, it included being a bit of a hermit.  (Sorry if my reclusiveness came across as me being a party-pooper or “that girl” who always says maybe but never comes out.)  Part of me is afraid to tell you that I’m only working part time so that I can have more time to rest.  I don’t want to  be misunderstood.  I do want to be a good example.  I do want to be healthy and enjoy the life God has given me.  I haven’t felt like myself in a long time…  If you’ve met me in the last 5 years or so, I’m afraid you’ve only met my shell.  Yes, the real me has broken through on occasion, but only briefly.  And I like to think that I’m not really going to be me until I get to heaven and I have the name and body God has picked out for me.  But while I’m on earth, I want to enjoy life to its fullest. Christ came to give us an abundant life and that is my goal.

Now on to “the question” that the title refers to…  Do I dare to Twitter?  Quite the segue, I know.  But really, is becoming part of the Twitter community going to add stress to my life?  I’m tempted because I, like Steph, have lots of random thoughts and generally odd ideas throughout the day and I like the idea of sharing them.  And I’m not too worried about stalkers seeing as I don’t have any sort of celebrity status.  What do you think?  How do you use it?

4 thoughts on “the question

  1. a) i am glad you’re getting healthy – or moving in that direction. 🙂 i am trying to make the same “long-lasting” life shift instead of hyper-drive mode.

    b) get twitter!!! i loves it. i use it to share interesting articles, get quick/real-time input from people AND for pure entertainment & thought sharing. no regrets from me.

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