i pity the fool

With NBC’s ordeal surrounding Leno, Conan, and Fallon, I was reminded today of my favorite clip from Conan.  Seriously, favorite clip ever.  Here’s a video of it that I found, but if you’re in the US, I would recommend finding it on Hulu as the resolution is pretty bad.  But it’s funny nonetheless. 🙂



3 thoughts on “i pity the fool

  1. i LOVE Conan!

    RYC on Twitter: i’m starting do more personal Twitter status updates but still largely use Twitter for following celebs/ semi-celebs. But yes, I am enjoying it.. I do read every tweet of those i follow. i don’t find it hard to keep up since i don’t follow that many yet. One time, Jim Carrey replied to me so that was pretty neat! And when celebs post personal pictures, i think that’s REALLY fascinating. e.g. backstage at concerts/ award shows, at dinner, etc.

    I think you should try it.. you can always bail if you’re not into it but it has potential for some good fun. let me know what your username is if you do go for it. I’m “squarewaffle”

  2. And the BB plan..
    250 minutes, evenings starting at 5:00p (woot) and weekends, caller id, voicemail, 200text/ unlimited incoming, 100 long dist minutes, 500mb data, for $45. after everything, about $56.

  3. i’m definitely contemplating twitter… will let you know. but you’ve raised the bar with the name! i have to be someone other than beccacfowler?!

    and that is a steal w/ a data plan, well done good lady. here’s to hoping the telecom stuff pans out and we get even lower-priced plans in the future.

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