Winter Wonderland

We finally got to enjoy the snow today!  (As opposed to being annoyed with bad drivers/having our lives threatened by the lack of road scraping around these parts.)  The Fowlers’ back yard is full of hills and snow drifts (and slippery ivy; which I may or may not have found accidentally and then I may or may not have fallen into 17+ inches of snow… camera stayed dry).  So Brian made his sledding path (this is a very important, foundational step) and then we sledded for a bit. 🙂  It was fun. …but Iwish I’d brought my snow gear.


2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. If I would have been there I would have found a much, much bigger hill (it would probably be named “Hill of Doom” or something) and convinced Fowler (the male one) to sled down it while I throw snowballs (with rocks hidden in them) at him. He probably would have done it… and he would probably have gotten hurt. But we’d laugh anyway.

    Ah… good times.

    Calling you soon Fowler, promise…

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