I would be kicked out of the Optimists’ club.

I am not an optimist. I used to be. I am not any more. I believe the digression from Optimist to Pessimist started after the finale of the final episode of Gilmore Girls. Since then I have realized life doesn’t wrap up nicely all the time. We may get the outcomes we want, but struggle quite a bit getting there. Not that I consider Luke and Lorelai’s relationship (I wish I could say marriage, but we’ll never know, thanks Warner Brothers) or anything about that show to be an accurate reflection of life. I just hated the ending.

All that to say, since I’ve realized I’m a Pessimist, I’m going to try to make a mental list every day of things that made me happy. For instance, I let the fact that I have to return my yoga ball for the 3rd time really get to me (I was ready to break something). Instead of continuing to list frustrations, I am going to list happy things.

  1. I was able to run on the treadmill for over 25 minutes without stopping! (That’s huge for me.)
  2. I think Lola is finally learning her name! (She looks at me when I say it. But I think she would look at me if I made any sort of noise to distract her while she is resting.)
  3. The weather is becoming chilly–which means we’re closer to Christmas and Christmas cups at Starbucks!
  4. I got my jeans repaired (after leaving them on the floor of my closet for over a year) and it feels like I’m wearing a new pair! Without the cost!
  5. My sister will be here one week from today! (*Hoping for good weather.*)
  6. I had sushi for lunch!

See, already I’m in a better mood. What made you happy today? Share it with me :o)


4 thoughts on “I would be kicked out of the Optimists’ club.

  1. I love sushi! I'd love to see you whenever you come to get Anna. We should make that happen. It's crazy that we're all going to be on the opposite coast at the same time!

  2. 1. I started in my game2. It was raining and I love playing in the rain.3. The sun is shining now4. Only 36 days until I get to go back to AMERICA!!!

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