I’m So Proud

Yesterday was Brian’s first home game with his new team, Delta United. I’m so proud of him because he scored the game winning goal to defeat West Vancouver 2-1! (This was shortly before he got whacked in the face and went down for a minute.) West Vancouver is the top team in the league–last year they won everything, league cup, Proventials, and Nationals. (He also had an assist earlier in the game for the first goal. Just thought I’d throw that in there.)

It was a gorgeous day, cool but sunny. There were plenty of fans watching, way more than would come out for his games last year with North Van. And there were actually other wives/girlfriends! I’m normally the only wife in the stands. We also had other friends from church with us. It was quite enjoyable having friends to sit with. One of our friends, Dave, is a Scotsman and a true football fan. No matter where Brian’s games are across the Greater Vancouver area, there is usually at least one European man in attendance who can’t hide his passion for the game. And yesterday it was Dave. Ah, I just had a good chuckle remembering Dave yelling at our forward to “get his wee self back on side.”

*Side note: Never able to understand offsides in soccer? Check out this article. I’m proud to say that after three and a half years of marriage and a life filled with soccer, I have come to understand this and can effectively explain it. :o) I’m quite proud of myself.

Anyway, just thought I’d share a bit of joy with you today. Go Brian!


2 thoughts on “I’m So Proud

  1. wooohooo, good job Brian! That's a pretty big deal to defeat the reigning champs. Does this mean it looks like Brian's team has a good chance of winning provincials then?

  2. Becca I am very proud of you for learning so much about soccer. Sometimes I wonder if I really understand all the rules that come with offside! hehehe. O and great job Brian!

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