We’ve been home for just under 24 hours. Piles of things have moved all over the house, shrinking and growing as we unpack, de-clutter, and clean up our stuff. I’ve restocked our kitchen, made enough spaghetti sauce for at least 10 more meals (thanks Debbie!), and purged our closets of unused/unwanted clothing. I’d say I’ve about as much work as I would have done had I actually lived here this summer! Ha!

But enough thinking about the stress this year has brought; it’s over and done. I’m looking forward to fall and winter so much! I love the cold weather, change of seasons, change of wardrobes… just a great time of year. I’m also looking forward to NOT seeing my suitcase again for a few months. Seriously.

I also have lots of mini projects in mind for the next little bit… we’ll see how they span out. There are lots of seashells to be bleached, pictures to be organized and printed, new recipes to be tried. I’m also going to try to be more consistent in my blogging. I have been MIA in the electronic world for a while. Kind of nice.

Well it’s time to wind down and warm up my sheets. :o)


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