So Brian has been in Nicaragua for a week now and I have been in NC for almost as long. I think I’ve had the better week. ;o)

However, both places have been ridiculously hot so we’ve both been drinking lots of water. Hopefully wherever you are, you’re staying hydrated, too. And, if you’re in Nicaragua with Brian, hopefully you’re getting a little more to eat than rice and beans to eat now. ;o) I got to talk with Brian last night and heard about his very long weekend in Leon. Early Friday morning they took the AIA Nicaragua team (and the 4 North Americans that Brian brought with him) to another part of the country where they slept on a mat on a tile floor, played games in extreme temperatures, refused to use the disgusting showers more than twice, and were only fed rice and beans for 4 days. Poor guys :(. But I’m sure the Crusade headquarters where they are staying now feels like the Shangri La what with the cool/cold showers, beds, ceiling fans, and armadillo soup! JK. They pretended to feed us armadillo soup the last time we were there in February, but it was really just all the “left-over parts” of a pig.

Can’t wait to see you Brian! Enjoy your last few days!


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