welcome back

This has been the busiest year of my life so far. Phew. Thanks for bearing with us, praying for us, and just being there.

Today marks the beginning of the last tour for Brian and the beginning of being able to relax for me. I dropped Brian off at the airport this morning (*sniff*) and came back to finish cleaning the house and packing my stuff to catch my red-eye tonight and be in Greensboro tomorrow morning!

If you don’t know what we’ve been up to this summer, here’s a quick run down:
-June 6 – July 6 — Paraguay Project (Asuncion, Paraguay)
-July 8 – July 24 — Men’s Paraguay Panama Tour (Asuncion, Paraguay and Panama City, Panama)
-July 26 – July 31 — Staff Conference (Whistler, BC)
-August 3 – 14 — Brian in Nicaragua on tour and Becca to NC
-August 15 – 31 — VACATION!

Be sure to check out our happenings in photos in our Flickr site (there’s a link on the right of this page). I’m realizing more how much I love photography… and did my best to only upload the ones that are worthy of your time. I took almost 3,000 pictures in South America… and about 200 in Whistler. I’m so thankful for my camera! Hope you enjoyed your summer!


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