11 days

I’ve been avoiding thinking about how soon we’re leaving for Paraguay. But I made myself count the days so I could have a title for this post.

Brian and I are working hard to get ready for the trips ahead. We just sent out our newsletter for the summer (if you didn’t get one and would like one, send us an email). I’m trying to have a good, positive outlook on this summer. And I’m beginning to get more excited about traveling, but I’m still quite overwhelmed.

This past weekend we were able to get away to Bellingham, Washington for a few days. It was nice to leave computers and cell phones behind, return to the mother land, and walk around Target and Super WalMart. All I could think was, “I love America.” I found some little tooth brushes that don’t require water! I stocked up on those. I can now brush my teeth whenever I feel like it even though I’ll be stuck in the middle of the row of seats on the 8 hour flight!

I also stocked up on Goldfish. We always take a huge Costco size box of granola bars and chewy fruit bars with us, but this time I get Extreme Cheddar Goldfish, too!

Another thing I love, anything mini or travel sized. Seriously. If it’s baby-sized, I need it. Because of this, I love the travel section in Target. WalMarts are hit-and-miss, but Target’s travel section is great.

Another thing I love, words that sound like bad words. ;o) I don’t cuss, so if someone thinks they heard me drop an s-bomb (especially in the office), I usually get the high-eyebrowed, open-mouthed, head jerk. I know this because last week I discovered Ship Happens. So, in the midst of the hair-pulling fiascoes of the last few weeks, I would sporadically (or frequently) announce, “Oh well! Ship happens!” I also threw up my arms and proclaimed “Serenity now!” That got a few laughs. It was all I had left to do before breaking down into tear.

My friend introduced me to Ship Happens. I can get packages shipped there (just across the border from us in the US) and save a bundle on international shipping costs! And it was only $4!

Please keep us in your prayers as it seems that whenever we chop one thing off of our to-do list, two more grow back. I am constantly reminded that I can’t do this job. I cannot make things happen. I cannot cause someone to do something or even feel something. I cannot force things. I am simply being used by God. My strength is too weak. My mental capacity is too small. What a relief.


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