it’s just another manic monday

Today was a very tough day.

I think that’s why I enjoyed the little clip (below) that I found on It’s 6:26 and I’m ready for bed. I’m in my sweatpants (okay, Brian’s sweatpants) and a t-shirt, lovingly dubbed our uniform. Brian has just declared that he quits.

We’ve had a heck of a time this year getting our students to do what they are supposed to in order to get ready for tour. I don’t like to complain or even think about this stuff outside of work, but I’m expecting to hear from an angry mom sometime soon. Mom, how do you do it? How do you deal with angry parents who get frustrated when they have to do some extra work because their kid didn’t do what they were told? Even though they’ve been told at least once a week via phone calls and emails and even facebook, I have yet to see every girl’s passport information or health insurance information (I could go on). That means they aren’t supposed to travel with us. They leave in one week. I’m starting to wonder what it will feel like when/if it all gets done.

With every generation of college student that passes through our tours, they seem to be getting less and less responsible. Is it because they played kiddie kickers and were told, “It doesn’t matter what the score is. Just enjoy the game.” Well, what is supposed to keep them responsible to their team? Why should they play hard and hone their skills? How are they going to deal with the mental stress of an angry coach down the road who lays into them for messing up the easy lay-up?

When did it become okay to just text or email your leader and tell them that you can’t make it 15 minutes before you’re supposed to show up? I guess that’s another topic all together. Or maybe not.

Any way, I’ve learned a lot about how I want to raise my kids. I want to teach them to honor their word. How to read (instructions) with understanding and follow through on any action points. But most of all, how to make wise decisions based on God’s perspective and enjoy the opportunities God presents to their fullest. I’m still learning this one myself, but hope to pass it down.

By the way, we’re taking students who were born in 1990. 1990! I remember that year! I feel oddly old. ;o)


One thought on “it’s just another manic monday

  1. hey Becca, i did sense you were a bit stressed when we stopped by your desk on Monday. i will definitely be praying for you and Brian as you make final preparations for the paraguay trip. i’m sure all your hard work will be worthwhile and fruitful for God’s kingdom in the long run. btw, if you’re coming to chapel tomorrow, i’ll see you then — we’re getting commissioned! 🙂

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