46 hours in transit

We got back safe and sound last night after almost 48 hours in transit. We left our hotel in Paraguay at about 3:30AM Friday morning, Eastern time, and arrived at our house last night (Saturday) just before 11:00PM Pacific time. I’m trying to do the math… but my mind is kind of swimming so I’ll let you do it. We’re so glad to be back. Brian’s at a soccer game now. He’s such a dedicated player. You’re probably thinking, “Brian’s crazy! He just got back less than 24 hours ago and he’s playing in a game!?” But I think it’ll be good for him to get out of the house and run around for a while in the sunshine. Especially since we’re finally out of the heat that we experienced in Paraguay that was in excess of 100*F/37*C plus humidity. I’ll be uploading pictures soon… (they’re already on Facebook if you’re interested.) As for me, I’m doing loads of laundry and I’m sure I’ll be napping here soon. ;o)

We’re back to work first thing tomorrow and we’ll be working hard until we leave again on Thursday for VACATION! We’re so excited to make it back to the states this year for Easter. We love our families so much and only get to see them about once a year, so this trip will be a special treat for us. Plus, we’re going to be master travelers this year practically living in airports.

I don’t want to think about that now though. Now, it’s back to watching Gilmore Girls and catching some zzz’s.


One thought on “46 hours in transit

  1. you two totally ARE master travellers! have a fun time in NC/Virginia! p.s. i guess you know that the Tarheels are in the championship finals!

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