I forgot to count down

So we leave in about 14 hours for Paraguay. I’m feeling… not ready. I still have to pack and clean the house. I wish I could fall asleep tonight and wake up the next day in Asuncion. That would be so awesome. According to my friend Vicki it’s possible with the right pills. ;o) But that would mean Brian would have to drag me through some pretty major airports.

Would you keep us in your prayers this next week? We’re only gone for one week this time, 5 days in-country. Brian and I are going as AIA Canada liaisons and we’re hoping to meet with some pretty important diplomats and federation officials. We are hoping to “schmooze” our way back into the system. Ever since we started sending teams to Paraguay we’ve had the First Lady of Paraguay ushering us through. But her husband was not reelected last year so we’re having to re-establish connections. And if you don’t know us, we’re likable people, but we’re not really schmoozers.

That said, I’m going to do my best to just enjoy the experience. Plus we get to add another flag to our world map!


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