"Sunny Fayings"

Brian and I have this jar where we write down “Sunny Fayings” (that’s “funny sayings” scrambled a bit) that accidentally spill out of our mouths. I thought I’d share one with you. I was reminded of it just now because my pen name with Blogger is mellamovaca. That’s Spanish for, “My name is Cow.” Or literally, “They call me cow.” Brian likes to give me a hard time, it’s his way of teasing me and loving me. That’s fine. Yesterday he was giving me a hard time for blogging and got himself in a tizzy and twisted his words and called me “mellacovama.” I did a sort of double take, turning to look at him as he hung his head realizing that he’d flubbed. It sounded strangely close to my new president’s name. So I really did have to do a double take, wondering what he was saying and then I realized. We had a good chuckle.

A classic of mine that just spills out every time is “chidewalk salk.” For some reason I have to think really hard before I can say “sidewalk chalk.”

Another favorite quote from Brian, “Meef.”

I love Brian. :o)


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