Today was my last official day on campus at SFU. I realized this yesterday so I had a little time to mentally prepare. To be honest, I’ve felt it coming for a long time. You’re familiar with my transition from C4C into AIA. But just because I felt it coming doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I’ve been prepared for this moment and knew when the time was right for me to leave the campus ministries side of things, the Lord would usher me through. And He did.

I’m still mulling it over. It’s been a part of my life since I got here really. Amy was the first person I remember meeting as she picked me up somewhere in Burnaby (I was so new and had no clue where anything was) and drove me to campus… and I’m pretty sure it snowed so much that the campus closed. If that wasn’t my first day then it was my second day. I remember meeting Jill and talking in Simon C’s about Ignite since I would be emceeing. I remember feeling like I was a lot farther away than I was simply because I didn’t understand any of the Asian languages being spoken around me in the cafeteria. I think my first friends up here were all from SFU C4C. And I think most of them were Asian. But I didn’t realize that fact until much later as I looked through pictures… and I stood out. The fact that I didn’t realize it at the time just goes to further prove that I am indeed Asian on the inside because it felt so natural! ;o)

I have such fond memories. It’s been good for me to sort of ease off of campus, kind of like I was being weaned, for lack of a better way to describe it. I don’t think I could have handled an all-of-a-sudden type ending. Like I felt the first semester after I graduated and all of a sudden I didn’t have to go to class or write papers or do projects.

Yes, I am still mulling.


3 thoughts on “mulling-ness

  1. Oh Becca! I’m so glad God brought you to SFU for a season, and I’m glad that He’s led you now to be full-time in AIA with Brian. It’s crazy when I think about how you were the age I am now when I first met you. And you had just graduated and were newly married and now in a new country with a new culture — lots of transitions! Remember your first bubble tea??? Lol.

  2. I do remember my first bubble tea with you! you took it safe, chocolate and half pearls. can you believe i haven’t had one yet this year? now i’ve got the itch. oh, and were you part of the bible study that took me to get sushi for the first time? i don’t remember… jillian, nina, jacquline, amy, maybe you? :o) good times.

  3. I think I had class or something so I wasn’t able to make it for sushi. But glad you like that too! Have you been to Richmond Night Market?? If not, we’ll have to go this summer!

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