actually monday

So today was actually Monday and it felt like one. Brian and I got our Yellow Fever vaccinations last Friday before our short trip to Paraguay this coming weekend. The RN told us we would probably feel sick, flu-like symptoms a day to a week after the shot. I was feeling it today. But that meant that I had an excuse to come home and turn my brain off; to relax even though this week is full of last-minute, high-stress events and decisions to be made.

So Brian and I turned off the TV, turned on some music, and spent some with God, together. It was just what I needed.

We were listening to Tenth Avenue North‘s album, Over and Underneath. You can check out some of there songs at their MySpace site and a music video for Love Is Here. They sound a bit like Switchfoot — in case it sounded familiar but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Their lyrics really hit home for me, expressing in words how I feel on the inside. Take a minute and listen to Hold My Heart, if you have time.

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