rain rain go away

The rain is starting. I don’t like this time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday we had snow flurries which were pretty as they fell, but didn’t amount to anything. Today it’s just rain. Looks like it’s going to be rain from here on out. I enjoyed the sun while it lasted.

But spring is coming! The cherry blossoms will be in bloom soon and the dandylions. I like dandylions because I feed them to Lola. She gobbles them up! It’s quite funny to watch her eat one because the whole time you’re thinking, “How is she going to eat the blossom end!? It’s as big as her head!” But then, munch munch munch, and it disappears into her mouth!

Speaking of Lola, it’s been a few months since we got her spayed and her fur has still not grown back where they shaved her. The fur over the incision has grown back in, but none has come in around it. Is that normal? She doesn’t seem to mind, but it’s kind of sad looking.


One thought on “rain rain go away

  1. it’s funny because i totally think of Vancouver as the Pacific Southwest. Lol. Ok, no one in Canada actually calls it that, but we have the mildest weather in all of Canada. But ya, I could do without the rain as well. Although I still prefer rain to snow.

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