So it’s been a while since you last heard from us…

Our tour to Nicaragua ended when the guys left dark and early Sunday morning (March 1st). Instead of staying through Thursday, we decided to come back early since the Nicaraguan director left and our purpose for staying was to meet with him. So, dark and early on Tuesday morning we left for the airport… Then, at about 4:45AM, when we were about 15 minutes from Managua International a pickup truck traveling in the opposite lane coming towards us slammed into a tree in the median causing the tree limbs to crash our windshield, continued up onto the median, flipped on its side as it slammed into a light pole and electric pole, causing the power lines to snap and pop the top of our car and causing the poles to crash to the ground right behind us, leaving the truck on its side billowing smoke and stopping all traffic just behind us. We truly believe that the Lord sent his angels to protect us as there was barely a mark on the taxi and no one in our car was even close to being injured. Thank you Jesus.

So we eventually made it home and had a day to do lots of laundry all day Wednesday. Then late Wednesday night, Brian got sick with food poisoning! It was getting quite bad and I eventually took him into the ER around 3AM because he was getting quite dehydrated, unable to keep anything in him. I couldn’t wait too long because I knew I wouldn’t be able to carry him.

Needless to say, these past 4 or 5 days have been loads of laundry and trying to recuperate. We were back in the office day, full steam ahead!

I’ll be posting pictures from the tour on my Flickr site soon, so be watching for that. Peace out!


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