we’re here!

We made it to Nicaragua without any hiccups! Thanks for your prayers. It’s funny how little things can grow and grow in your mind and you’re convinced that something is going to go wrong in an irreversible way… but it’s only in your mind. I also love the fact that God has a sense of humor. Earlier in another blog I expressed my concerns about carrying the laptops over the border into the US. I was convinced in my mind that they were going to go through every single bag, find 11 laptops that all look exactly alike, take Brian and me in for questioning and then force us to surrender the computers at the border and reprimand us severely. For the last few hours before we left our house, I spent time praying, committing our trip and all of its details to the Lord (especially the border crossing). And I felt slightly better… but not really. Then, when we were driving to the meeting point where we would all load a bus and head down to Seattle, we passed a church whose message board on the road said, “Don’t worry. There is a God and He loves you.”

Pretty simple yet perfect. And I felt like God put it there just for me and then chuckled a bit when I read it. I love that.

So, yeah, we’re here and it’s been beautiful weather so far, not too hot, lots of wind, and cloudy. Thanks for your prayers! I’ll be updating the AIA Blog, so check that out to get the guys’ perspectives on tour. AIA Soccer Blog :o)


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