2 days

Today has been a fairly productive day so far. My goal is to get lots of laundry done and start packing things in bags. Yesterday we received 11 laptops that are being donated by a local businessman to the CCC director in Nicaragua. So we’re planning to take them to him, giving each one of our guy’s a laptop to put in their checked luggage. But for some reason I’m feeling very anxious about crossing the border with them. I just keep envisioning the border patrol searching each of our bags (this will be around 2:30-3:00AM on Friday), finding a bunch of computers that all look alike, and then holding us at the border for it. Really, they shouldn’t need to look in any of our luggage at all because none of it is staying in the US. I just always seem to be “greeted” by the grumpy border patrol people. I’m also afraid that one of our guys will say something not smart and draw attention to it. But more than this, I don’t want to spread my anxiety to anyone else. I know I shouldn’t be anxious. I know people have been carrying “contraband” into closed countries for years, and this situation isn’t nearly as risky! Will you keep us in your prayers for smooth border crossings? Perhaps as you fall asleep on Thursday, or if you’re on the East coast as you wake up on Friday morning, send up a little prayer for us. Thanks.


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