3.5 days

I was trying my hardest all day to remember the things I need to get before we leave… and as soon as I sat down to make my list, all I could remember is granola bars. But I ran hard at the gym and now my body and mind are feeling like mush. So I played a little Mario Kart Wii which got the blood pumping. I was told to stop playing at 8:53 because 24 starts at 9:00. Phew. That could have been a close one. So I’m sitting here still trying to make my list…

Meanwhile, Lola is literally going crazy. I wish we owned a video camera. She is out of control. Sprinting across our small living room + slippery laminate floors = sliding into the wall around the table like someone on the downhill luge. She has had some ridiculous jumps, at least 10 feet across in the air, slo-mo, Air-Jordan style and I’m not exaggerating. Serious, neck-breaking binkies, sprinting around the table, running straight into my feet. Man I wish I had a video camera! There she goes again!


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