4 Days

We have been busy preparing for our first tour of the year… and we’re only getting busier. We leave this Friday at 1:00AM and should arrive in Managua, Nicaragua late Friday night. We’re flying out of Seattle Tacoma and we found out this weekend that there is a massive amount of construction on I-5 Southbound–the highway that leads from Vancouver to Seattle.

We also had one last meeting with a bunch of the guys last night. Things are coming together, but to be honest a few of the guys we’re taking seem to be lacking what I refer to as “life skills.” These skills come in to play when one needs to arrive certain places at certain times with certain documents. These skills are necessary for survival when one is in higher education, traveling (abroad or just in general), making it to a doctor’s appointment, etc. So keep us in your prayers for smooth sailing all the way to Nicaragua, please.

Today my goal is to get our monthly newsletter out, catch up on preparations still underway for our Paraguay tours, star packing, and not go insane as they saw through some metal vents that connect to a vent-bypass that is right next to my desk. :o)


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