When did Google become a verb?

Everyone knows someone who likes to email unnecessary amounts of forwards with content that is typically gloom and doom, threaten ultimate death, or grant you a wish. I have one in my extended family. (If you’re reading this, it’s not you.) Fortunately, I don’t feel bad about deleting them without paying much attention to their content. My mom, who is not said person, recently sent me a forward that I actually enjoyed. It was definitely forwardable. But I thought, rather than forwarding it on and being labled a forwardiot, that I would share just a little bit of it with you so you could enjoy a chuckle or two. :o)

Do you know a Grady? If so, jump on that!

I’m not even sure what they meant to write…

Remember Mr. Yuk?

Easy mistake.
Bahaha! I’m reminded of a joke: How do you get a one-armed blonde out of a tree?

Thanks anyway.


I love playing this in the grocery store!

This has small town written all over it.

Good question.

Maybe when he gets out of the clink he could get a job as a plumber.

Definitely in my top 5 from this list.
…mmm Qdoba sounds great for dinner.

I was going to quote my favorite lines… but it’s pretty much all of them.
He’s offering to pay, but not until we get back. Smart. Thinking ahead. I like that.
What kind of weapons travel well through the fourth dimension? I know, a bow staff.
Safety not guaranteed. Oh, of course.
I find a little bit of comfort in the fact that he’s done it before. Clearly he learned that it’s too dangerous to go back alone and unarmed.

Creepy Governator.

5 thoughts on “When did Google become a verb?

  1. Ok, so yes, the last one about Arnold, definitely funny…but my favorite is the next item listed underneath…a sentence with “kitten” and “rectal problems” can only pique one’s curiosity! Now THAT’S a story I’d like to read in the paper. 🙂

  2. You should ask Brian to tell you about the one legged man in georgetown… (hint in case he can’t remember — he was making fun of Jer and a real one legged man happened out into the street)

  3. Becca! Probably the best post I’ve ever read! Your comments made it even better! Made me miss living in the room next to you… and hearing you listen to Brian Reagan again and again while laughing so hard. Wish we were neighbors again!

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