Livin’ on a prayer

That’s been my theme song this past little while with all of our weather issues out here. For the past two days it’s taken us at minimum an hour to get in or out of a parking spot near our house. We’ve had an overabundance of wet, slick snow and we do not have a vehicle built for these conditions. Nonetheless, we made it in to the office today and will not be driving near our house until all of this mess is gone. On top of that, our car is broken. I don’t know what the piece is called, but it was hanging off the underside of the car and seemed pretty important. It has been acting like a tiny snow plow or anchor, preventing us from getting over even the tiniest pile of snow. But the rain has come and I’m hoping the snow and slush’ll be gone for good soon.

Oh, and I haven’t seen Lola since the end of November and won’t get her until next weekend. I hope she remembers me!


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