2 days

So my idea was to blog everyday for the past few days until we leave to go home, but obviously that did not happen. I feel like I’ve been going non stop and will not stop until January 15th. Maybe we’ll take a few days to just sit by the fire when it gets closer to Christmas… I’ll work on that.

We just got back from our American Thanksgiving dinner with our American friends and a few Canadians. I’d say we did it up right. And it’s better late than never! I represented the south with sweet tea and home-made macaroni and cheese. There was a big turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, yams, candied salmon (representing the pacific northwest), other vegetables, and two pies for dessert. However great the evening with friends was, I had a moment of limbo in the car on our short ride home. Where is my home? Not really here. And not in NC anymore. Yeah, my stuff is all here. And a little bit is still in Greensboro. They say home is where the heart is and I can’t find that place! It’s a weird and unsettling feeling, very much like limbo. Or purgatory if there was such a place… Sorry to end on a down note. This may help! (It’s a random rabbit I found on YouTube, not Lola.)


3 thoughts on “2 days

  1. oh jill, my dear Filipino friend, i will introduce you to sweet tea. it’s iced tea the southern way 🙂 perfectly brewed tea with just the right amount of sugar while it’s still warm and a touch of lemon. over ice. perfection.

  2. I am so proud to have you represent the south with sweet tea and homemade mac n cheese. 🙂 Even up here in VA I can’t make enough sweet tea, when people come over — they just expect it! See you soon!!

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