5 Days

Only 5 more days until we’re home! I know I haven’t posted much lately, sorry if I let you down. Life has gotten so busy. I always look forward to this time of the year. I love the holiday season more than I love summer. I love the cold weather (my body wasn’t made for heat and sun…), the yummy food, the lights, the music, and I especially love how everyone comes back together. It’s hard not being home today for Thanksgiving. But I’m consoled because I know I will be there in less than a week. Today will be spent wrapping up loose ends in the office and making plans for the next month. I know that doesn’t sound super fun, but I will make it bearable by pumping my Christmas music and munching on some puppy chow. :o)


3 thoughts on “5 Days

  1. Becca! Ok I have two things to say:1. Remember when we sat in my car at Thanksgiving in the Meadow and listened to Hanson’s Christmas CD? Oh…good times. I think that was the one where I had to get in a canoe with Tristan and Frankie.2. I was at home over Thanksgiving and I was taking the dogs for a walk in Starmount park, and I passed a tree that someone had carved something like “Big winter storm 2000” – Do you REMEMBER that!??! That was the “snow too big!” storm!!! It made me think of you every time I passed the tree. Well! That’s all – Do Canadians have a Thanksgiving? I feel like it is culturally insensitive of me not to know that, but…you know…maybe you can bake a turkey then! :)LOVE! Michelle

  2. Michelle! I most definitely do remember the Indian Princess on the pond and Hanson (which I’ve been playing almost non-stop!). And of course I remember Winter Storm 2000… and the Chinese delivery wouldn’t deliver. Was that Peking? I remember Nike peeing b/c Carrie and I were hugging you. πŸ™‚ We did celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving… but it was mid-October so I felt the liberty to listen to Christmas before Halloween… b/c it was after Thanksgiving! Hope to see you soon!

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