Why I Love Canada

I do love Canada. Maybe not in the same way that I love America, but still. In response to the responses I received from my Canadian friends (Holla!) here is a list of the things I love about Canada:

  • There is a holiday almost every single month.
  • Alex Trebek is Canadian.
  • I’ve started using the agreeing “hey” at the end of my sentences when germane. Brian doesn’t like this. But it feels so good!
  • Vancouver is definitely the prettiest city I’ve ever lived in. Majestic mountains, ocean, and city convalesce creating a gorgeous place to live.
  • Like Jill said, there is never a shortage of sushi and bubble tea! 珍珠奶茶
  • I have so many Asian-Canadian friends! And, this is important, they helped me discover my true self. While I’m white on the outside, what you do not see is that inside I am yellow! I’m an egg! If I had not moved here, I might never have known!
  • A new mom gets a full year of paid maternity leave.
  • Summer is beautiful, not muggy and so humid that you start sweating immediately even if you’re not doing anything.
  • It’s impossible not to recycle. There are bins all over the place!

Okay, that’s all for now. Oh Canada! I’m soon to become a permanent resident of yours.


3 thoughts on “Why I Love Canada

  1. yay for loving Canada too! :)By the way, you do know that, technically speaking, it’s “eh” (pronouced “ay,” rhymes with “hey”) Canadians say at the end of sentences, right?Example conversation:Becca: Bubble tea sure is good!Jill: I know, eh!LOL.

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