back in action

We had quite an eventful weekend. Upon arriving home from work, Brian found Charlie in his cage surrounded by a mess… we’ll just leave it at that and spare you the details. Charlie’s stomach was quite upset and Brian had to clean it up. As soon as I got home from the gym, I found more of his mess and could hear his stomach gurgling quite loudly. It’s very dangerous and often life-threatening for rabbits to have stomach problems, so I called the vet and we decided to take him in. While we were there, I asked the vet to confirm Charlie’s gender for me because for various reasons over the past few weeks, I’ve been doubting that Charlie is male. Turns out, Charlie’s a girl!

So I changed her name to Lola. I know, Charlie could be a perfectly fine female rabbit name, but I just like Lola better. It was a tie between Tink and Lola. Tink short for Tinkerbell and also rhymes with Bink. If you’ve never had a pet bunny, you probably don’t know what a binkie is, so here’ s the best picture I have of one:

This picture is mid-bink. When bunnies are happy they have uncontrollable jumps and twitches which someone somewhere along the way affectionately named binkies.

Here’s a video if you still don’t get it:

Brian decided if he had to have a girl bunny (he was VERY disappointed with the whole discovery) he preferred the name Lola. So that settled it. We’ve been giving Lola her medicine everyday and she’s much, much better. It’s quite funny giving her medicine to her… if only we had a video camera to share it with you. We’d also need another set of hands to run the video camera as it takes both of us to administer the medicine.

On Saturday we finished most of the little things that needed to be done around the house like hanging pictures and putting the finishing touches on things… I guess that could go on forever though. And on Sunday, Brian had his first game with his new team, the North Vancouver Eagles. I’ll try to find their website and post it in the sidebar. It’s weird watching Brian play in a blue jersey when he’s been wearing red for so long… I’ll post some pictures of his games soon. Even though the team is quite a drive (usually about 45 min one way depending on traffic), I think it was a good move since Brian has a relationship with several of the guys already. Plus, he’s been made captain and gets to play center-mid (as opposed to somewhere on the back line where his previous coach always put him).


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