we’re back

So we’re back from vacation and getting back into the swing of things. Florida was great… even with the hurricanes. I’ve decided God did not create me for hot environments–I don’t get tan and I prefer a snow storm to a hot sunny day. But the vacation was great nonetheless.

Guess what I did yesterday! I joined a gym! My friend Vicki and I are officially members of She’s Fit, a women only gym. And it’s only $15 a month! Hooray. I hate the thought of running outside. Now I can run on a treadmill with my own flat-screen TV no less than 2 feet from my face!

Guess what else I did yesterday… I bought season 4 of The Office. A bit overpriced, but well worth it. Too bad half the season didn’t happen because of the writers’ strike.

So hopefully you can guess what I’ll be doing with my spare time. That’s right, either jogging at my gym or watching The Office! …If only the TVs at the gym had DVD players, too. Then I could do both at the same time.

My favorite episode from this past season.


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