ho hum

I was feeling fine this morning, but now I’m starting to feel the Mondays settling in. It’s only 2:00 and I’ve pretty much done everything I needed to this week. Oh well.

I feel like I haven’t had a summer. And it’s getting harder and harder for me to remember the date. So I bought a calendar to settle that last problem. And we’re headed off to vacation on the beach soon, so hopefully that will help with the first problem. But seriously, last week was the only week of warmth I feel like I’ve had since last summer. Up until we left for South Africa the weather never turned warm. It was quite cold, if you don’t believe me check the weather channel stats for Langley, BC in June… I don’t think it got above 55 F. Then we got to Africa and were surprised with a slap in the face of cold weather–seriously I know what you’re thinking, “Winter in Africa? It’s Africa. It’s still mild.” Well you’re wrong. There was frost most mornings the first week we were there. Then we came back in time for the heat spell to end here and the cold rain to settle in.

So, we’re headed off for vacation to Florida thanks to Brian’s grandparents. A BIG thanks, actually. …But now that it’s hurricane season we might not have the best luck with weather again. I guess if I have to I’ll just buy a UV lamp to sit under and a CD of waves crashing, put on my sunglasses and some banana boat sunscreen and hang out in my basement. B-)

But that’s just worst case scenario.


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